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One of the most rewarding parts of our jobs here at House of Correia is when we get to connect with our customers. Since our items are so one a kind, many of our customers pick a piece based on a real personal connection to something about it. Recently, we sold one of our Glamosaurus Bags to a woman and after getting to know a bit about why she bought the Pterodactyl Clutch we just had to share! 

Meet Pterrance the Running Pterodactyl!

We talked to Tara, Pterrances Mom, and had her tell us a bit about his journey. 

Pterrance came about after some of my close friends in a small running group signed up for a Ragnar relay race. Everyone in our core group was going to participate, but I was unable. I thought I needed to send someone in my place, and since my nick name is Terra Dactyl, I found a pterodactyl. Once he arrived at my house, I looked at him and said “yup… Pterrance is his name”. I informed my buddies that Pterrance would be joining them and that was that. About a week later, I was looking at the Pterrance doll and started thinking, wouldn’t it be funny if he went on other races with other group members? Then it dawned on me… why don’t we send this lil guy all over the states and target it to kids similar to the “flat Stanley” deal that is going around! Pterrance can go and participate in races and other physical fitness events and even visit schools.
Pterrance is going on his first race this coming weekend with 3 of my group members, and he is already booked for the next year. We have so many things planned for this little guy from ½ marathons, full marathons, a triathlon in Hawaii, the MS150 and a visit with the “girls on the run” organization next April. We have been writing about his ½ marathon training with my friend Lisa. Pterrance has been posting to Facebook little things regarding running and training in hopes to teach the reader just a little bit more about what it takes to train for such an event. We are still working on crafting Pterrance’s personality, but as it is now, he is a boy pterodactyl approx. age 10 who loves to run, fly and is lactose intolerant. (Read: perfect material for fart jokes)
What we hope to accomplish with this project is to instill the love of running and physical fitness in children. With so many screens in the lives of children these days I want to help wedge just a little bit of time in the day for a kid to go run, play basketball, build a fort, something physical.

If it says anything about how passionate I am about this cause, just last night I had a dream I was walking through a mall and marathon runner Kara Goucher was for some reason standing outside a sporting goods store doing a publicity photo shoot. In the dream I ran up to her and started blabbing all about Pterrance. She replied “I know all about Pterrance and was hoping to meet him”, then she volunteered to have her picture taken with him. Don’t I wish that were true!

So I guess you can say I am already dreaming where this project will go, err fly, or should I say RUN!

What a great story! We would love to hear more stories about our products as they go to their forever homes and start the next phase of their journey. Email us at and share your story for a chance to get on the blog.