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Nonnas, Weed and Chicken Parms...I'm having trouble verbalizing what this really means to me. Vice's new series 'Munchies' first episode is a must see for those of you who eat your smoke. Take your Grandma and imagine she cooks all of your favorite homemade recipes with weed butter. Just. Imagine. That. 

Watch the Episode Below

Aurora Leveroni, also known as “Nonna Marijuana.” The charming 91-year-old first shared her marijuana cooking skills on YouTube in 2011, courtesy of the Wo/Men’s Alliance for Medical Marijuana, which her daughter, Valerie Corral, founded.

”I like to cook with medical marijuana because I feel that it helps those who have been ill and had to endure pain, and I will use it if it helps anyone,” she tells Munchies. But that does not include herself. While Valerie says has used marijuana to treat grand mal seizures since the 1970s, when she was injured in a car accident, Nonna says she doesn’t partake.

But like any good Italian grandmother who comforts through food, she’s more than happy to cook it for others. And so Nonna shares her marijuana-infused butter technique with Bong Appetit host Matt Zambric.
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WAMM is is the nation’s oldest continuously operating medical cannabis collective, one that still serves as a model of truly compassionate care twenty years later.




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