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The Man Bun Phenomenon

There are three things in this world that I truly adore. My family are number one (of course, they’re fabulous) and fashion is number two because its AMAZING. The third is an interesting one. My third greatest love on this earth is the phenomenon that is the man bun, or ‘MUN’ to those who have street cred.

In my opinion (and I am rarely wrong about anything) there is nothing more impressive or appealing then a well-kept and impressive man bun. They are beyond suave and can earn any guy at least 100 extra cool points. If you are a guy and you pair your man bun with and exceptional sense of style and a somewhat decent personality we may as well start planning our wedding. Any takers??

Some people see man buns as ‘lame’ or ‘ridiculous’. Do not listen to these people. Nobody needs that negativity in his or her life. It is mostly guys who don’t have man buns that speak of them in a negative way. JEALOUS THAT YOU CANT PULL ONE OFF?? I feel sorry for you. 

I wish to share with you lovely starlets my top 5 most beautiful man buns of all time. Ladies, start hunting for you man bun. Fellas, let your hair grow free (if you ever want to get a girlfriend). 


Ok, so as a MAJOR One Direction fan I may be a little bit bias BUT Zayn has previously rocked an incredibly well groomed and quirky man bun. I mean yes, he also has the advantage of being stunningly gorgeous but the man bun just adds so much. Good work Zayn! Werk that up-do!  


Leo is literally the King of not giving a F**K. His personality is the perfect match for a perfect little man bun. When I first locked eyes with this wondrous example of hair styling I truly felt like I was witnessing something amazing, like a lunar eclipse or the L train running on time.


The DILF of the year award goes toooooo… Mr Chris Hemsworth. If I see one more picture of this God-like individual holding his baby while casually sporting a handsome man bun I may actually die/pass out. But seriously, more pictures please??


Arguably one of the most outstanding supporters of the man bun, Jake Gyllenhaal deserves an award. He just knows exactly how to pull of the look and also is known to pair his MUN with a majestic beard. Jake, lets hang out. I’ll text you. 


*SLIPS INTO CARDIAC ARREST* I actually find it hard to word how I feel about Harry Styles and his man bun, as most of the stuff I could say would result in me being sent to prison or getting a restraining order. All I can say is that, I love that man bun more than I love most of my close friends. If I had to marry an object it, would be the man bun on top of Harry Styles head. I actually feel myself getting emotional just thinking about it. 

Live, laugh and man bun. 

Becca xoxo

PS: You’re Welcome. 

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