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The sun is out, the legs are shaved and the shorts are on. I love the summer months, but for reals, it is a tough time for us ladies. The summer struggle is real. Make up falls off the face as soon as we step outside, our hair explodes into a bush of horror, and well frankly try as hard as you can, but, you will smell a little (hash tag inevitable?!)

Fear not gorgeous friends, there are some ways to still maintain an element of beauty during this tough time. Here are my 5 main tips for staying flawless in 100 degrees.


During the summer, people will notice that I wear sunglasses pretty much all the time. Why you ask? Yes to protect myself from blindness BUT also to hide my sweating face and running mascara. I also believe that large AF sunnies make any gal look extra glam. 


My mother has always told me, everything looks better with a tan. I am personally a strong believer in a false tan solution to every problem ever. I think sun beds are dangerous and dumb but hey, we all have our vices and DAYUM do you look golden and wonderful. Remain bronzed at all times to hide the fact that you may die from the humidity.

Embrace the curl

As a slave to a flat iron during the winter months, I struggle to let go of the sleek and smooth hair one can achieve in cooler climates. Honestly, don’t waste your precious time trying to tame that beast. Use some salt spray or a curl-enhancing mouse and rock a beach wave for the summer. FO SHO. 

Bare Minimum Makeup 

When it comes to the make up my pretties, keep it simple. Nobody in the world needs a smokey eye in the height of a New York summer. Invest in a delicious BB cream, use a bit of bronzer and mascara and you are literally set for the day. I do suggest a matte powder to prevent the sweating and such. WERK. 

Remain Naked ALWAYS

I mean you have all considered it at one point in life. It is too hot; I am refusing to wear clothes in protest. Now there is a cause I support. Nelly had the right idea guys, TAKE OFF ALL YOUR CLOTHES (lol jk you may get arrested, but try if you dare).

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Stay flawless and wear sunscreen my loves, 

Becca xoxo

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