Street View, Guest House


Living in NYC is not for the Weak. Our Street Corespondent Becca Outlines some of the Daily Thoughts of New Yorkers as we Swing through the Urban Jungle 

1) What is that fucking smell?

I cannot explain it, but somehow there are thousands of hideous aromas wafting through the streets of NYC. 70% of the time it just smells of piss, but there is also the halal truck scent, the smell of weed, and without sounding like an asshole, the smell of the generally unsanitary on the subway. HOLD YA NOSE HOMIES.

2) I am so fucking broke.

EVERY DAY AND NIGHT this is my most common thought. I mean I am to blame for my lack of dolla billz. Yes, I did need that blue fluffy clutch bag and that pair of black boots. I already have 6 pairs of black boots but that is not the point. Rent, food and partying also make up the majority of my 'budget'. I like to live like I am a baller, when in fact I have 4 dollars in my bank account. 

3) Get the fuck out of my way.

Why is everyone so fucking annoying? Yes please move at a glacial place, take in those gorgeous New York City images. MOVE LIKE??! Step the fuck aside for people who actually have shit to do. K BYE.


They don't lie when they call it the city that never sleeps. We work hard & play hard, which results in a serious lack of sleep. Always tired but that night out in Verboten until 5am was worth it....I SWEAR!!! 


5) Why is it so fucking hot? 

Currently I am sitting on a subway, skin to skin with every other disgusting sweaty New Yorker trying to get home to Brooklyn. It's 98 fucking degrees....I may pass out?

6) I'm ordering dinner later

Why would I cook? I can't cook, and if I tried it would probably taste like shit and I'd order food anyway, why waste my precious time. Literally seamless frees up 45 minutes of free time for me on a nightly basis. God bless delivery services. 

7) My feet hurt all the time

After fashion week I thought the worst was over for my feet. 18 hour days with approximately 20 minutes of sitting time (excluding bathroom breaks), but it turns out living in New York requires a lot of dedication from your feet. Maybe that's why pedicures are so cheap here? WE NEED THEM. My toes are crying.

8) Fuck this fucking subway

SERIOUSLY THOUGH. If I get fucking delayed because of bullshit train traffic on that motherfucker of an L train one more time I may actually explode. I can't wait until I am rich and famous and have a driver. That is my main goal in life!

9) I need to get a new job

I am a sucker for getting verrrrry comfortable in all aspects of my life. Working life is no exception. I think every Monday morning when I wake up at 7am I think to myself 'I NEED to get a 9-5 Monday to Friday job with nice vacation benefits and shit. However by Thursday I literally thank god that I'm not stuck in a shitty cubicle in some lame office behind a computer for 8 hours a day. 

10) I fucking LOVE New York

Yes it has its flaws, like any city does, but it's my home and I am more in love with New York than I have ever been with any boyfriend or love interest I've had. It is the most amazing and alive place I have ever been. It's actually hard to describe the electricity that flows through the people of New York. It's the first place I have truly felt myself; nobody judges or cares what you wear or what you look like. I could wear nothing but nipple tassels and a pair of moon boots and I don't think anyone would notice! My love affair with New York is far from over, and I am so beyond happy I moved here.