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So I have been stalking the streets of Manhattan and Brooklyn trying to get an idea of what it is the streetwalkers are wearing this summer season. I'm talking about the normal (ish) people like myself. I am not referring to the super rich who wear full runway looks to get groceries, or the wannabe bloggers that are head to toe in what they think vogue tells them to wear (I mean no disrespect towards vogue, I love what you do). 

It's the people who are in NYC on a budget but still care about looking fabulous during the summer months!! I've seen a lot of trends popping up on my strolls but here are the 5 I have seen the most. 

1- Midi length skirts

In a major waaaaaay. I have fallen head over heels for this length. It's perfect as it allows a person to look glamorous while not having to shave above the knee- WINNER WINNER.


2- Ugly sandals

I mean it in a nice way, but ugly ass sandals are EVERYWHERE. Literally Birkenstocks on very second person I see, including myself. Let's be realistic here, they're comfortable AF so why the hell not? 

3- All White Everything

Sadly I am not the kind of person who can wear white. I spill or drool far too often to ever attend a p diddy white party. I have been seeing so many girls in head to toe white outfits. If you can pull it off then why not? 


4- Loosey goosey baby

The summer is no time for that Hervé Leger bandage dress. It's all about wearing breathable dresses and tops! This doesn't mean you need to go and wear some form of sack like item. It can be done in an extremely chic way.


5- Round sunnies

I would have been the first to say that the original ray ban wayfarer were a summer favourite, but starting to think that day is gone. It's all about the John Lennon-esque round sunglasses. I'm a MASSIVE fan and I'm also writing this blog so you must believe me. BECCA HAS SPOKEN! 

Stay fresh lovers

Becca xoxo