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Aubrey Drake Graham is literally my favourite person on earth, my reason for living. I imagine we would actually get along really well, if given half the chance. You know why? Because we're both GANSTER AF, but also like the fancy things in life. So here are 12 reasons to love my future best friend / father of my children.

He loves his Mom

Drake is such a momma’s boy, and I love it! It’s too adorable for words. HOW CUTE THOUGH?

He’s into sport

Not just interested in bitches and money, Drake is into all kinds of sport. The adoration he has for professional B-ballers? FLAWLESS. Just look at the pure JOY on his face?  

He has sick moves

The video for Hotline Bling reminded us all about Drake's sweet dance moves, and I am so happy about it.

His cheeky grin

Talk about lighting up the room! Nothing makes me happier than Drakes smile! FO REAL.

He is the NICEST GUY

Doesn’t he just seem like the nicest guy ever? Your whole family will love him, and he’ll treat you like the princess you are!

He LOVES being Jewish

I respect that Drake embraces his Jewish beliefs! What a cutie pie? MAZEL TOV BITCHES! 

His words of wisdom

As an award-winning lyricist, Drake is known for his ability to write words to inspire. It’s like everything that he says should be put on a t-shirt, or tattooed on my skin... NO LIE! 

He has Aaliyah’s face tattooed on him

Drake idolizes Aaliyah, and in remembrance of her talent, he has her face tattooed on his back, OBVIOUSLY LIKE. Thoughtful right? Also, can we talk about that SEXY back? I need a cold shower…

He’s wicked smart

Don’t let that gansta life fool you; Aubrey is a very intelligent individual. You know, math and shit...

He has a stripper pole in his house

Keeping things interesting, we dig it D! Get down with your bad self! If you need a performer, we are AVAIL-ABLE! 

He loves kids

UGH my ovaries are ready to explode. PleaseDrake, FATHER MY BABIES!! I need help...

His flawless style

SLAY BABY SLAY! When it comes to fashion, Drake does what he wants and we applaud that. Do your thing baby, I ain’t even mad.


Drake, I love you. Call me…1 800 Hotline Becca

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