Top 5 Reasons Why Sustainable Living is Dope AF

Five reasons why you should consider jumping on the sustainability wagon


iFast fashion is basically the swamp monster from Fern Gully

It's a fact that the garment industry is one of the biggest contributors to pollution. In Trumpland, we may see a lot of EPA standards lowered in the name of corporate profitability. Buying vintage or handmade goods is an easy way to make an impact. Look for gifts on sites like Etsy (or House of Correia : )) and hunt for your closest vintage or thrift store before you waltz into Forever21. The less profitable fast fashion is, the more the gov will invest in sustainable operations.

Fast Fashion Clothes are Total Crap

We have all been guilty of this convo. The one where you are talking about garment care and you mention that you cant wash or dry that 4.99 tee you got because it gets totally fucked.  Fast fashion isn't meant to last. AT ALL. It's meant to be cheap. When your clothes are made with care they are made to last. In turn saving you money, and getting satisfaction out of a purchase well used and loved (duh!)

You're spending your money on it - you should LOVE it!

Who doesn't love a story about a good find? The hunt and capture of the perfect bag or unicorn skirt that you've been wishing good story ever started with 'Oh this? I got it at H&M' Have an adventure behind the treasure. One of our favorite parts of hearing why a customer loves their new HOC piece is the story that draws them to it in the first place.

Your Coffee is ethical, why isn't your Bag?

Sustainable living and clean eating is HAPPENING. There are so many options and Pinterest boards and dope vendors preaching about running lean in all aspects of your life. The same attitude should apply to our accessories. Think of it as a juice cleanse for the planet. And your closet!

You will Feel and Look Fly AF

Doing things that are good for the world make you feel good, Its hard to control a lot of things that happen to us, but buying from small business who care what they are selling because they care about the well being of their customers is a sure way to feel like your heading in the right direction.