What makes House of Correia Sustainable?

House of Correia is a sustainable fashion company. In this age of fast fashion take over, it is more important than ever to know where products are coming from and how they are made. Fast fashion is the number two pollutant in the world behind big oil. THAT IS BANANAS! Dangerous chemicals, water pollutants and horrendous working conditions are just some of the reasons we choose sustainability. 

The HOC team personally scours the best of thrift, vintage, and estate sales to find our treasures. We frequently travel far and wide to find you the raddest pieces. Every bag has a story, every gem has its own sparkly vibe. Our favorite part of HOC is connecting you with the perfect one of a kind vintage piece. 

HOC products are sustainable and upcycled, along with their adornments. Our gem adornments are made from broken necklaces, single earrings or other discarded jewels that make the perfect addition to our products. We constantly try to make our operations as clean and our impact on the environment minimal, in our business and in our lives.