Summer is upon us ladies and germs and I am here to give you my best tried and true aquatic accessories that are must haves for #luxelounging. I basically have a Ph.D in relaxation so trust me on these. 


All in One Black Fabric Thingy

I'm obsessed with things that can be other things, so obvs I love a good sarong type fabric. Blanket, headwrap for pool hair, towel, sarong, thing to lay on top of while taking selfies, thing to makeout with boys under,...sarongs do it all. The best part is, its basically free. Any awesome upcycled fabric can workHere is a link on how to make your own tassels too if you're getting fancypants.

Honest Facial Spray

Photo Jun 26, 3 17 33 PM.jpg

Last year I was all about the Rose Facial spray but now I'm over it and have replaced it with the Elevated Hydration Replenising Mist from Honest Beauty. They do a free trial of their best selling products for 5.95 and its a pretty dope deal TBH. They dont pay us for this although they totally should! Im just a big fan.

Mini Grinder

Photo Jun 26, 3 19 02 PM.jpg

So you can discretely get high AF. LOOK HOW ADORABLE. This babe grinds up the perfect amount for a travel sized bowl pack or skinny mini jay. So you can discretely get high AF.  OR I'm a big fan of the disposable Bumble Bee Vapes. OR make some tasty treats. Either way getting a bit of a buzz ion makes the sunshine that much warmer and the pool that much better.

 Hilarious Tote Bag

So that everyone knows you're not just hot, you're also clever. I have an extensive collection of snarky totes, but currently I am obsessed with this incredible Golden Girls tote from Urban Cricket. I bought it this past year at @bustcraftacularprimped and seriously. It's incredible. Did I mention I'm obsessed?



You had to have seen this one coming, but really...you need them. 


xoxoxo Ange