INSPIRATION / / Dolly Frickin' Parton

When I think of the women I idolise, many names spring to mind.

Sure, Michelle Obama and Oprah are woke AF, and Hilary C is a total Kween. HOWEVER, if you asked me who my ultimate female icon was, I’d have a very quick answer for you…

Dolly FRICKIN’ Parton.

She is everything I love - glitter, rhinestones and colourful wonder -  all wrapped up into one blonde, big boobed lady. Also her middle name is Rebecca - so we’re kind of the same person, right?

Anyway, I wanted to take this opportunity to make a special tribute to Dolly, while also going through some of her greatest style moments of all time - and wow, have there been many.

Whether it’s pink, yellow, sparkles or tartan - my babe Dolly has never been dull! So, without further adieu, let’s dive on in with the best looks ever.  



Okay, I’m actually a little overwhelmed by this look, because it’s so amazing. Whoever said that you can’t wear head-to-toe sequins was a fucking liar.


9: Rhinestones EVERYWHERE.

Sorry, this look is almost bringing me to tears. Such a classic, iconic Dolly ensemble. And I’m done. Goodbye. Thank you.


8: Somewhere over the rainbow.

Not only is Dolly a female icon, she’d somewhat of an icon among the fabulous LGBTQ+ community, which is why this rainbow dress is so important. Represent lady.


7: Casual.

The true sign of a style icon is having the ability to be casual, and Dolly has nailed it here. So chillaxed in her jeans and her sweater. Just like a normal human. Only she’s absolutely not normal - she’s the most extra.


7. Red perfection.

I’m getting married in the dress.

Oh, and you can bury me in it too, thanks.


6. Jeans, but make it fashion.

Sorry, but can we talk about these jeans for a second?

Why do they have slits? Because Dolly Parton.

Why are the covered in glitter? Because Dolly PARTON.

Why do I wish I owned a pair? DOLLY FRICKIN’ PARTON.


5. Mellow Yellow.

Okay yellow is not a colour many people can pull off. And to be honest, I can’t even decide if Dolly can all the time. However, THIS look is everything to me. She shines brighter than the sun.


4: Canadian Tuxedo.

No, Justin and Britney did NOT make denim-on-denim cool. Dolly did. And she’s the only fashion icon we need.


3. OMG.

If this look doesn’t scream COUNTRY MUSIC GODDESS to you, then you blind baby. Bow down ya’ll.


2. Yee HAW.

This is what it would look like if Beetlejuice was filmed in a rodeo.


1: SOS

I am fucking deceased. That is all.

Thank you for experiencing this important piece of journalism. If you need me, I’ll be collecting my Pulitzer.

K bye.


This blog was written by Becca

As HOCs resident Irish chick, I like to think of myself as exotic. A former New Yorker, turned general nomad (I will literally live anywhere), I love anything to do with style. My love affair with HOC began over a year ago, when I met a fiery red head in a bar, and it has been ongoing ever since. I love big sunglasses, glitter, rap music and anything coconut flavoured. You’ll currently find me working in darling Dublin as a Beauty Editor. -Becca