I scream, you scream, we all scream: 

Amazing ice cream cones in NYC you need to try this summer!

Lady loves, summer is officially here, and that means a number of excellent things: sunnies are out in force, we can dine al-fresco, and ice cream season is upon us.

Instagram-worthy food has never been so popular, and gone are the days of a classic vanilla ice cream cone – if it doesn’t get me at least 150 likes – why would I even bother eating it, right?

With that in mind, I decided to stalk the ice cream parlors of New York City, in search of the most delicious (and photogenic) frozen treats that the City has to offer.


1.       Black Ice Cream from Morgenstern's Finest Ice Cream (Nolita)

My inner goth is honestly SCREAMING right now. This deathly vanilla ice cream is everything right now, and suddenly I kind of wish I was emo, and listening to My Chemical Romance. Make mine a double (scoop) please. 

Photo courtesy of Morgenstern's Instagram account. 

Photo courtesy of Morgenstern's Instagram account. 


2.       Cereal Milk Soft Serve from Milk Bar (Upper West Side)

Hands up if you LOVE cereal... *aggressively throws arms in the air!* Milk Bar offers a soft serve ice cream that tastes just like cereal milk, and oh my GOD, hook it to my actual veins, please.

Photo courtesy of MilkBar's Instagram account. 

Photo courtesy of MilkBar's Instagram account. 


3.       Purple Yam Soft Serve from Soft Swerve Ice Cream (LES)

Are you actually KIDDING me right now? Have you honestly ever seen a more beautiful ice cream in your entire life? Not only does look like a heavenly unicorn poop (in a nice way) – it tastes fucking delicious. You’re welcome.

Photo courtesy of Soft Swerve Ice Cream's Instagram account. 

Photo courtesy of Soft Swerve Ice Cream's Instagram account. 


4.       Red Velvet Scoops from Sundaes and Cones (East Village)

Sometimes, we just want to eat some cake, right? Well, when it is 96 degrees outside, cake is not always the soundest option, but what if I told you that you can combine cake with ice cream? Red velvet is our absolute FAVE!

Photo courtesy of Sundaes and Scoops Instagram account. 

Photo courtesy of Sundaes and Scoops Instagram account. 


5.       Toasted Marshmallow Cone from Emack & Bolio's (UES)

S’more season may be behind us, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get our marshmallow on. So much toasty goodness – and sprinkles, because they give us life.

Photo courtesy of Emack & Bolio's Instagram account. 

Photo courtesy of Emack & Bolio's Instagram account. 

Meet the Babe behind the Blog

Meet Becca <3


As HOC's resident Irish chick, I like to think of myself as exotic. A former New Yorker, turned general nomad (I will literally live anywhere), I love anything to do with style. My love affair with HOC began over a year ago, when I met a fiery red head in a bar, and it has been ongoing ever since.  I love big sunglasses, glitter, rap music and anything coconut flavored. -Becca


Collabs / / Smartglamour X HOC

It's not the first time we've collabed with SmartGlamour's Mallorie Dunn, but this photoshoot for her summer line could possibly be our fav ever! Not only do we love Mall and her #bosslady vibes, we love her mission to bring an affordable, fashionable, and customizable ethical clothing line to people of all shapes, sizes, heights, ages, identities, and styles. An OG in the #slowfashion revolution, all SmartGlamour is ethically made in Mallorie's NYC studio.



Watch this dope video to learn more: 

House Parties / / #RedwoodRetreat

We celebrated Ange turning 30 with a Wes Anderson Themed #RedwoodRetreat in Sonoma California. We started with a Moonrise Kingdom Day exploring the Redwoods (and of course making stops at some lovely thrift shops along the way) rounding out the night with some wineries, including the mecca of champagne, Korbel. The next day we did some coastal exploration The Life Aquatic style. We ended the weekend with a lavish dinner party, including a very special guest! It was a blast!

Traveling is a huge part of HOC. We love exploring off the beaten path to find you the best of bags and vintage treasures. It brings us closer to new customers and to each other, as we share adventures and memories. Cheers!

Top 5 Reasons Why Sustainable Living is Dope AF

Five reasons why you should consider jumping on the sustainability wagon


iFast fashion is basically the swamp monster from Fern Gully

It's a fact that the garment industry is one of the biggest contributors to pollution. In Trumpland, we may see a lot of EPA standards lowered in the name of corporate profitability. Buying vintage or handmade goods is an easy way to make an impact. Look for gifts on sites like Etsy (or House of Correia : )) and hunt for your closest vintage or thrift store before you waltz into Forever21. The less profitable fast fashion is, the more the gov will invest in sustainable operations.

Fast Fashion Clothes are Total Crap

We have all been guilty of this convo. The one where you are talking about garment care and you mention that you cant wash or dry that 4.99 tee you got because it gets totally fucked.  Fast fashion isn't meant to last. AT ALL. It's meant to be cheap. When your clothes are made with care they are made to last. In turn saving you money, and getting satisfaction out of a purchase well used and loved (duh!)

You're spending your money on it - you should LOVE it!

Who doesn't love a story about a good find? The hunt and capture of the perfect bag or unicorn skirt that you've been wishing for...no good story ever started with 'Oh this? I got it at H&M' Have an adventure behind the treasure. One of our favorite parts of hearing why a customer loves their new HOC piece is the story that draws them to it in the first place.

Your Coffee is ethical, why isn't your Bag?

Sustainable living and clean eating is HAPPENING. There are so many options and Pinterest boards and dope vendors preaching about running lean in all aspects of your life. The same attitude should apply to our accessories. Think of it as a juice cleanse for the planet. And your closet!

You will Feel and Look Fly AF

Doing things that are good for the world make you feel good, Its hard to control a lot of things that happen to us, but buying from small business who care what they are selling because they care about the well being of their customers is a sure way to feel like your heading in the right direction. 





house parties / / anti fashion world tour

Announcing the Anti Fashion World Tour Collab Event

Hood Goodie X House of Correia

#Be Different #Be Dope with us on July 30th, 2016 as House of Correia and Hood Goodie take to the streets. Starting on 135th Street at 3:00pm, we will be marching through iconic NYC locations including Columbus Circle and Union Square spreading our message of sustainable fashion and the virtual revolution of the streetwear and accessories game. 

Don't miss out on our Rad Pop Up Shop and Backyard Barbecue @Community 54 from 6-9pET





We are collabing with the Fab Ladies of Hood_Goodie. 




Guest House / / 12 Reasons to LOVE Drake

Aubrey Drake Graham is literally my favourite person on earth, my reason for living. I imagine we would actually get along really well, if given half the chance. You know why? Because we're both GANSTER AF, but also like the fancy things in life. So here are 12 reasons to love my future best friend / father of my children.

He loves his Mom

Drake is such a momma’s boy, and I love it! It’s too adorable for words. HOW CUTE THOUGH?

He’s into sport

Not just interested in bitches and money, Drake is into all kinds of sport. The adoration he has for professional B-ballers? FLAWLESS. Just look at the pure JOY on his face?  

He has sick moves

The video for Hotline Bling reminded us all about Drake's sweet dance moves, and I am so happy about it.

His cheeky grin

Talk about lighting up the room! Nothing makes me happier than Drakes smile! FO REAL.

He is the NICEST GUY

Doesn’t he just seem like the nicest guy ever? Your whole family will love him, and he’ll treat you like the princess you are!

He LOVES being Jewish

I respect that Drake embraces his Jewish beliefs! What a cutie pie? MAZEL TOV BITCHES! 

His words of wisdom

As an award-winning lyricist, Drake is known for his ability to write words to inspire. It’s like everything that he says should be put on a t-shirt, or tattooed on my skin... NO LIE! 

He has Aaliyah’s face tattooed on him

Drake idolizes Aaliyah, and in remembrance of her talent, he has her face tattooed on his back, OBVIOUSLY LIKE. Thoughtful right? Also, can we talk about that SEXY back? I need a cold shower…

He’s wicked smart

Don’t let that gansta life fool you; Aubrey is a very intelligent individual. You know, math and shit...

He has a stripper pole in his house

Keeping things interesting, we dig it D! Get down with your bad self! If you need a performer, we are AVAIL-ABLE! 

He loves kids

UGH my ovaries are ready to explode. PleaseDrake, FATHER MY BABIES!! I need help...

His flawless style

SLAY BABY SLAY! When it comes to fashion, Drake does what he wants and we applaud that. Do your thing baby, I ain’t even mad.


Drake, I love you. Call me…1 800 Hotline Becca

Meet the Babe behind the Blog


As HOCs resident Irish chick, I like to think of myself as exotic. A former New Yorker, turned general nomad (I will literally live anywhere), I love anything to do with style. My love affair with HOC began over a year ago, when I met a fiery red head in a bar, and it has been ongoing ever since.  I love big sunglasses, glitter, rap music and anything coconut flavoured. -Becca

Fiddy Friday / / Hip Hop Happy Hour

Friday nite is by far the best time of the week. When you strut out of your office building, middle finger to the hataz, you are kweeennn. And for two glorious days, there are naps, there are cheat noms, there are adventures.

This is how we rule Friday's, under fifty bucks. 

House Parties / / BUST #craftacular

Happy Sunday Kittens! This weekend us and the Glamosaurs had the privilege of vending at Bust magazine's #CRAFTACULAR in Industry City - Brooklyn. So many dope vendors! Pins, patches, vintage, jewels, and handmade goodies galore! We got mad braided at the Amika Braid Bar & got into the Lacquer Life with the Flossgloss Mani Station. The vibe was amazing - so many empowering ladies and gents supporting each other and their rad DIY lifestyles. Thanks for having us Bust! Check out a few pieces of our fave swag and pics of us (cuz thats our fave, obvs) below : )


This all natural face moisturizer &nbsp;from Body Stuff literally made us throw our old one out.&nbsp;

This all natural face moisturizer  from Body Stuff literally made us throw our old one out. 

Shea butter is the ultimate in body butter secret formulas. Ditch the glycol shit you buy in drug stores and opt for the Honey Almond from Brooklyn Bar

Shea butter is the ultimate in body butter secret formulas. Ditch the glycol shit you buy in drug stores and opt for the Honey Almond from Brooklyn Bar

This is just everything. We sat for beautiful portraits from Akane Ogura

This is just everything. We sat for beautiful portraits from Akane Ogura

Mani Monday will never be the same after our haul at Flossgloss. They are dopedopedoppeeeee

Mani Monday will never be the same after our haul at Flossgloss. They are dopedopedoppeeeee

Can't wait till next year! Check out our slideshow below for more pics of us, because thats obvi our fave thing ever. 

House Parties

House Parties / / Hester Street Fair

Happy Fall!

We had a crazy busy summer at HOC!!! We have been bouncing around doing street fairs, music festivals and hitting up the best vintage markets to bring you the most unique styles for this season. 

We are so excited to be vending tomorrow at our favorite street fair, Hester Street, right here in NYC. This fair has a curated assortment of vendors for new fall trends, awesome street cart food and super unique handmade items. Enjoy these pics of streetfairs past and we hope to see you this Saturday!!! 

Trending / / Onesies

Busy girls don't have time to 'tuck in'. A grande cold brew in one hand and an iPhone in the other and its just not gonna happen. The solution? A summer onesie. Easy to wear with a circle skirt or your favorite high waisted shorts, they are the ultimate multi purpose clothing to dress up or dress down. Also, for crazy summer nights you're always pool ready. Check out some of our fav street/print inspiration below and then shop our version!


Street View

Street View / / Fashion + Tommy Ton + Best of Men's Fashion Week

Famed Street style Photog Tommy Ton is leaving his prestigious post at Style.com, but not before taking some dope streetwear photos from New York Fashion Week: Men's. Let's be real though, it's still all about the ladies! Get some serious Summer style Inspiration from this photo gallery of Ton's fav fly females from NYFW: Men's.

The Lounge

The Lounge / / Cold Brew Coffee

The summer heat is upon us which means totally different makeup routines, workouts and food choices. No longer do I crave the hand warming effects of a scalding cup of deli coffee. Now I want the glacial temperature of an iced coffee, specifically a cold brew. 

Why am I totally and completely obsessed with cold brew? Despite some initial wariness of this being a hipster fad, I assure you they may have hit it on the nose with cold brew. Not only does it have lower acidity than regular coffee, its easier to make and it actually gets better the longer it sits in the fridge! It takes days for cold brew to go stale. If I can walk into a steamy city kitchen in my usual morning zombie state and pour myself a cup of already made coooooooool coffee then my day has just started off so much better. 


If you fancy yourself an intermediate to advanced coffee snob...here's an easy recipe to make your own cold brew: 

Steep ground coffee (preferably coarse) in water using a coffee filter, cheese cloth or nut milk bag. While steeping, store in a room temperature or colder setting, soaking for 12 hours or more. Cold-brewed coffee doesn’t go stale as quickly as hot-brewed, so feel free to make a big batch and enjoy the ease of your new morning coffee!

Or if like myself you're kind of like...meh thats just not how I roll, use my Starbucks hack:

Starbucks just introduced their new cold brew! Not only is it delicious, it makes me so much more zippy than the regular iced coffee. I have no idea why this is, but I am so fine with it.  Hooray! Order a Venti Cold Brew No Ice. You get twice as more as you would usually get without the ice, and since its already cold it dosent really need it. Whatever you don't drink put in the fridge for the next day! Cuz duh cold brew gets better the longer it cold brewwws. So not only do I wake up to Starbucks only a few steps from my bed, its so much easier on my NYC budget. They are also running a promotion if you buy 5 iced drinks you get the 5th free! YASSS FREE! 

Also, a lot of better grocery stores sell organic pre made cold brews. Check out this ranking of best cold brews. Stay cool and enjoy!

Guest House, Trending

Guest House / / Becca's Top 5 StreetStyle Trends

So I have been stalking the streets of Manhattan and Brooklyn trying to get an idea of what it is the streetwalkers are wearing this summer season. I'm talking about the normal (ish) people like myself. I am not referring to the super rich who wear full runway looks to get groceries, or the wannabe bloggers that are head to toe in what they think vogue tells them to wear (I mean no disrespect towards vogue, I love what you do). 

It's the people who are in NYC on a budget but still care about looking fabulous during the summer months!! I've seen a lot of trends popping up on my strolls but here are the 5 I have seen the most. 

1- Midi length skirts

In a major waaaaaay. I have fallen head over heels for this length. It's perfect as it allows a person to look glamorous while not having to shave above the knee- WINNER WINNER.


2- Ugly sandals

I mean it in a nice way, but ugly ass sandals are EVERYWHERE. Literally Birkenstocks on very second person I see, including myself. Let's be realistic here, they're comfortable AF so why the hell not? 

3- All White Everything

Sadly I am not the kind of person who can wear white. I spill or drool far too often to ever attend a p diddy white party. I have been seeing so many girls in head to toe white outfits. If you can pull it off then why not? 


4- Loosey goosey baby

The summer is no time for that Hervé Leger bandage dress. It's all about wearing breathable dresses and tops! This doesn't mean you need to go and wear some form of sack like item. It can be done in an extremely chic way.


5- Round sunnies

I would have been the first to say that the original ray ban wayfarer were a summer favourite, but starting to think that day is gone. It's all about the John Lennon-esque round sunglasses. I'm a MASSIVE fan and I'm also writing this blog so you must believe me. BECCA HAS SPOKEN! 

Stay fresh lovers

Becca xoxo