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GUEST HOUSE / / #Hautetootrot's Denver Travel Guide


Our dear friend Susan is a travel/crafting/cooking maven and posted a really great blog on her website The Trot Vine about her recent best-friend-cation to the mile high city - Denver! 

We are trying to convince Susan to be our in-house guest travel blogger so we decided that a repost here would give you guys a taste of her radical blogging technique! She gives really in depth details about her favorite places to eat and finds the best off the beaten path vintage shop (which we of course love!!!) - AND makes these adorable little maps! 



She also does fashion design, illustration and other crafty things!

 Check out her website here.


Follow her adventures on IG @hautetootrot

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Guest House / / Becca's Top 5 StreetStyle Trends

So I have been stalking the streets of Manhattan and Brooklyn trying to get an idea of what it is the streetwalkers are wearing this summer season. I'm talking about the normal (ish) people like myself. I am not referring to the super rich who wear full runway looks to get groceries, or the wannabe bloggers that are head to toe in what they think vogue tells them to wear (I mean no disrespect towards vogue, I love what you do). 

It's the people who are in NYC on a budget but still care about looking fabulous during the summer months!! I've seen a lot of trends popping up on my strolls but here are the 5 I have seen the most. 

1- Midi length skirts

In a major waaaaaay. I have fallen head over heels for this length. It's perfect as it allows a person to look glamorous while not having to shave above the knee- WINNER WINNER.


2- Ugly sandals

I mean it in a nice way, but ugly ass sandals are EVERYWHERE. Literally Birkenstocks on very second person I see, including myself. Let's be realistic here, they're comfortable AF so why the hell not? 

3- All White Everything

Sadly I am not the kind of person who can wear white. I spill or drool far too often to ever attend a p diddy white party. I have been seeing so many girls in head to toe white outfits. If you can pull it off then why not? 


4- Loosey goosey baby

The summer is no time for that Hervé Leger bandage dress. It's all about wearing breathable dresses and tops! This doesn't mean you need to go and wear some form of sack like item. It can be done in an extremely chic way.


5- Round sunnies

I would have been the first to say that the original ray ban wayfarer were a summer favourite, but starting to think that day is gone. It's all about the John Lennon-esque round sunglasses. I'm a MASSIVE fan and I'm also writing this blog so you must believe me. BECCA HAS SPOKEN! 

Stay fresh lovers

Becca xoxo

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Living in NYC is not for the Weak. Our Street Corespondent Becca Outlines some of the Daily Thoughts of New Yorkers as we Swing through the Urban Jungle 

1) What is that fucking smell?

I cannot explain it, but somehow there are thousands of hideous aromas wafting through the streets of NYC. 70% of the time it just smells of piss, but there is also the halal truck scent, the smell of weed, and without sounding like an asshole, the smell of the generally unsanitary on the subway. HOLD YA NOSE HOMIES.

2) I am so fucking broke.

EVERY DAY AND NIGHT this is my most common thought. I mean I am to blame for my lack of dolla billz. Yes, I did need that blue fluffy clutch bag and that pair of black boots. I already have 6 pairs of black boots but that is not the point. Rent, food and partying also make up the majority of my 'budget'. I like to live like I am a baller, when in fact I have 4 dollars in my bank account. 

3) Get the fuck out of my way.

Why is everyone so fucking annoying? Yes please move at a glacial place, take in those gorgeous New York City images. MOVE LIKE??! Step the fuck aside for people who actually have shit to do. K BYE.


They don't lie when they call it the city that never sleeps. We work hard & play hard, which results in a serious lack of sleep. Always tired but that night out in Verboten until 5am was worth it....I SWEAR!!! 


5) Why is it so fucking hot? 

Currently I am sitting on a subway, skin to skin with every other disgusting sweaty New Yorker trying to get home to Brooklyn. It's 98 fucking degrees....I may pass out?

6) I'm ordering dinner later

Why would I cook? I can't cook, and if I tried it would probably taste like shit and I'd order food anyway, why waste my precious time. Literally seamless frees up 45 minutes of free time for me on a nightly basis. God bless delivery services. 

7) My feet hurt all the time

After fashion week I thought the worst was over for my feet. 18 hour days with approximately 20 minutes of sitting time (excluding bathroom breaks), but it turns out living in New York requires a lot of dedication from your feet. Maybe that's why pedicures are so cheap here? WE NEED THEM. My toes are crying.

8) Fuck this fucking subway

SERIOUSLY THOUGH. If I get fucking delayed because of bullshit train traffic on that motherfucker of an L train one more time I may actually explode. I can't wait until I am rich and famous and have a driver. That is my main goal in life!

9) I need to get a new job

I am a sucker for getting verrrrry comfortable in all aspects of my life. Working life is no exception. I think every Monday morning when I wake up at 7am I think to myself 'I NEED to get a 9-5 Monday to Friday job with nice vacation benefits and shit. However by Thursday I literally thank god that I'm not stuck in a shitty cubicle in some lame office behind a computer for 8 hours a day. 

10) I fucking LOVE New York

Yes it has its flaws, like any city does, but it's my home and I am more in love with New York than I have ever been with any boyfriend or love interest I've had. It is the most amazing and alive place I have ever been. It's actually hard to describe the electricity that flows through the people of New York. It's the first place I have truly felt myself; nobody judges or cares what you wear or what you look like. I could wear nothing but nipple tassels and a pair of moon boots and I don't think anyone would notice! My love affair with New York is far from over, and I am so beyond happy I moved here. 

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Guest House / / Becca's NYC Summer Survival Tips

The sun is out, the legs are shaved and the shorts are on. I love the summer months, but for reals, it is a tough time for us ladies. The summer struggle is real. Make up falls off the face as soon as we step outside, our hair explodes into a bush of horror, and well frankly try as hard as you can, but, you will smell a little (hash tag inevitable?!)

Fear not gorgeous friends, there are some ways to still maintain an element of beauty during this tough time. Here are my 5 main tips for staying flawless in 100 degrees.


During the summer, people will notice that I wear sunglasses pretty much all the time. Why you ask? Yes to protect myself from blindness BUT also to hide my sweating face and running mascara. I also believe that large AF sunnies make any gal look extra glam. 


My mother has always told me, everything looks better with a tan. I am personally a strong believer in a false tan solution to every problem ever. I think sun beds are dangerous and dumb but hey, we all have our vices and DAYUM do you look golden and wonderful. Remain bronzed at all times to hide the fact that you may die from the humidity.

Embrace the curl

As a slave to a flat iron during the winter months, I struggle to let go of the sleek and smooth hair one can achieve in cooler climates. Honestly, don’t waste your precious time trying to tame that beast. Use some salt spray or a curl-enhancing mouse and rock a beach wave for the summer. FO SHO. 

Bare Minimum Makeup 

When it comes to the make up my pretties, keep it simple. Nobody in the world needs a smokey eye in the height of a New York summer. Invest in a delicious BB cream, use a bit of bronzer and mascara and you are literally set for the day. I do suggest a matte powder to prevent the sweating and such. WERK. 

Remain Naked ALWAYS

I mean you have all considered it at one point in life. It is too hot; I am refusing to wear clothes in protest. Now there is a cause I support. Nelly had the right idea guys, TAKE OFF ALL YOUR CLOTHES (lol jk you may get arrested, but try if you dare).

Shop Summer

If you choose to remain clothed...SHOP SUMMER in #TheCloset


Stay flawless and wear sunscreen my loves, 

Becca xoxo

IG / / @beccaokeeffe

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Guest House / / Working out with marzyhart

Ladies! This is my fave new 10 min work out to throw in the mix and spice things up! Drink lots of water at least 20 minutes before you work out to avoid getting cramps <3


Thanks to our contributor Marzyhart for this post! 

Marzy is an actor, model and writer living in NYC and working hard to bring you watch worthy entertainment. Watch Marzy's Skills on her website WWW.MARZYHART.COM

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Guest House / / Ange's Winter Beauty Must Have's


Winter is one of my favorite beauty seasons. The cold allows for dramatic lashes, red lips and clothes with sequins. We don't have to worry about frizzy hair or butt sweat. As long as you stay hydrated and cozy, you'll get through this winter looks as amazing as ever!

Surface is a hair care brand I'm totally obsessed with at the moment. All vegan and natural oils help give you super healthy Bad Bitch hair. This thickening cream gives my hair Real Housewives volume, all while actually stimulating cell growth on my scalp to help my hair actually grow thicker! Holy Science!

I don't know whether its just because I'm living in NJ or what, but I've kinda of become a mani bitch. Right now I'm super into the Chanel color Mysterious. Aptly named, the color looks navy sometimes and then other times dark green...and from far away it looks black. What else could you ask for? The mood ring of the best Fall Colors in one polish. And I can't afford anything else Chanel, so theres that. Top it off with a fresh matte top coat and we are good to go. 

So your eyes are not deceiving you, the next product is from that end of the aisle drugstore brand NYC. This is by far the best stain I've come across recently. It has good staying power but isn't so serious that if I get cut off by another enraged Jersey Driver and swerve everywhere while trying to apply, I can still touch up. (this is a real problem in my life btw) And its also $2.99, so buy every color. Right now I can't get enough of Red Ruby, and the Berry stain is also pretty rad.

This product is a total lifesaver. I'm so lazy about washing my hair, its such a time commitment! So I try to make my blowouts last as long as possible. On the days where I'm kind of pushing it and a hat makes me look too much like a misplaced hipster, I use the Brazilian Blowout brand Instant Body Volume Boost powder. Basically the Queen of all dry shampoos, it gives the most volume out of any I've tried. Because, New Jersey. 

Probably my most tried and true product in the list, Zents is only thing I will use on my skin. This brand is from Colorado and all ingredients are grown on an organic family farm. I could do a blog on this brand alone, but for now I wanna highlight the body oil. A mix of Vitamin E, sunflower and jojoba oils, it can be used as a hot hair oil treatment, cuticle treatment, message oil, after sun treatment in the summer and in the winter I mix it with my Zents Body Butter for the most touchable skin in the universe. (im all about multitasking for my money) Don't buy cheap skin care and rub plastic and crap all over your body. Do yourself a favor and indulge, you and your skin are gonna be together for a long time. 

And lets face it, the prettiest girls around, no matter what season, are happy girls. So smile and remember that you're a bad bitch, with great nails, skin and hair to match. 



Thanks to our Contributor Ange for this Post!


Angela works as HOC's Marketing Director & when she's not hovering over the Instagram, she enjoys manicures, taking pictures of clouds and getting white girl wasted while watching Bill Murray movies. Currently doing important Mobwife related research at the Jersey Shore. Follow her Journey Here


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Guest House / / Working Out with Marzyhart

It's really cold and it's only going to get worse. How are you supposed to afford an expensive gym and actually leave your house to get to there? The answer of course is YouTube. Over the last few years I've had gym memberships that went to waste because at the end of the day I would much rather exercise in the comfort of my own home. I'm going to share my two favorite work out ladies with you guys in hopes of helping you maintain a healthy lifestyle and fight the winter blues.

I've been working out with Leslie since I was in High School and I'm still going strong only now instead of DVD's I stream her online. Thank you technology. The exercise is so simple but so effective. Occasionally I get crazy and use 1 pound hand or leg weights to speed up the toning and it works.

My 2nd go to is Tiffany Rothe. Her work outs are much shorter but she recommends doing them 3 times unless you're following her work out plan online. My fave is the 10 minute booty shaking work out but I really love them all. You WILL feel the burn!

Thanks to our contributor Marzyhart for this post! 

Marzy is an actor, model and writer living in NYC and working hard to bring you watch worthy entertainment. Watch Marzy's Skills on her website WWW.MARZYHART.COM



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Guest House / / Ange's Favorite Podcasts : This American Life

I'm a bonafide Podcast Junkie. Love Them. Story podcasts while I drive, science podcasts when I clean, social media podcasts with my coffee, I love them all. Podcasts get a bit of a bum rap because most talk radio is totally trash. I mean, do people honestly enjoy fart jokes before 9am? And the idea that only people with no social life listen to Podcasts. LIES! 

Personally, I'm a fan of unbiased news, interesting facts, insider tips to my profession & stories. Amazing Stories. More dramatic than any HBO show we could dream up, peoples real life experiences are literally, the stuff life life is made of. 

With that being said, the first podcast I'm highlighting is This American Life

There's a theme to each episode of This American Life, and a variety of stories on that theme. It is the most popular podcast/radio show in the country. Now the veritable kingmaker of public radio, Ira Glass has revolutionized nonfiction storytelling by using a voice that's personable, modest, and emotionally engaged. I also find him pretty handsome, but thats besides the point. The stories are funny, sad, inspirational, dramatic...everything good stories should be. This American Life had a too short lived Show on Showtime a few years ago, check out one of those episodes below: 

CLICK HERE to listen to some of the best episodes EVER or I would recommend going to THIS AMERICANLIFE.ORG to listen. They have every episode available in the archive and also a 24.7 episode live stream via tune in. You can also do what I do and download the Podcast App so you can listen on the train or in the car! If you are doing some Traveling this Holiday weekend, give This American Life a try! Enjoy!

Thanks to our Contributor Ange for this post!

Angela works as HOC's Marketing Director & when she's not hovering over the Instagram, she enjoys manicures, taking pictures of clouds and getting white girl wasted while watching Bill Murray movies. Currently doing important Mobwife related research at the Jersey Shore. Follow her Journey Here

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For all you occult witchy babes out here I highly recommend The Goreys, starring one of my absolute fav actresses, Mary Kate Wiles. The episodes are short and sweet, and use direct address in a very clever and way.

Click Below to see our Favorite HOC Looks for Halloween!

Thanks to our contributor Marzyhart for this post! 

Marzy is an actor, model and writer living in NYC and working hard to bring you watch worthy entertainment. Watch Marzy's Skills on her website WWW.MARZYHART.COM

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Guest House / / Ange's Deck Party

It's 'Drink Boozy Apple Cider on the Deck' Weather and I couldn't be more excited. As we delve into Fall, I'm putting away my Custom HOC bathing suit and Local Natives Records for some more comforting Autumn Essentialls. 

Check out some of my October Obsessions Below

Thanks to our Contributor Ange for this post!

Angela works as HOC's Marketing Director & when she's not hovering over the Instagram, she enjoys manicures, taking pictures of clouds and getting white girl wasted while watching Bill Murray movies. Currently doing important Mobwife related research at the Jersey Shore. Follow her Journey Here

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Guest House / / Marzyhart's Life Hacks for Bad Bitches

I'd like to start off by saying that I'm so excited to be a part of the House Of Correia team and to watch it growing from the ground up.

Keriann and Ange are an endless source of creativity and inspiration.

So, it's Fall! Whether you've been working your butt off all summer or you're just heading back to school after a relaxing break, I've got some great tips for the ladies out there. These are essentials I've discovered on my journey. There are some things a great night's sleep just can't give you. So without further ado, I present you with this list:

Coherent breathing. Last but not least, the glue that holds it all together. Every day I take 5 minutes when I first wake up, on the train, in my car before I drive somewhere, in a bathroom or a coffee shop and I close my eyes, take a deep breath in and count to 4 in my head. I repeat the same thing as I exhale. I either set a 2 minute timer on my phone or do 8 sets. Thoughts come and go but I do my best to not hold on to them. This helps increase concentration and gives me some "me time". I feel like the day is mine and I'm in control. If you take anything away from this post, I hope it's this final hack.

Extra Fluffy Puppy not Required, but totally Recommended.&nbsp;

Extra Fluffy Puppy not Required, but totally Recommended. 

Want more Marzyhart? Check our her Website!