INSPIRATION / / 9 Things That Prove Florida is the Second Greatest Place in America (after NYC, obviously)


Yes, we love New York, it’s the home of HOC, and my second home (hoping to make it my real home one of these days though.) But, there are other groovy states in America.

I have a special place in my heart for Florida. Sure, many people think it’s trash, and sure, a lot of it is - but that’s just part of the charm. For the last 20 years, I have been going on a family vacation to Sarasota, Florida, so I know a thing or two about this state.

Here are the reasons why I truly believe that it deserves the silver medal when it comes to the greatest places in the US.



The state’s animal is the Manatee, and honestly they are unreal. Nicknamed “sea cows” Manatees are famously friendly fellows, that have a tendency to get themselves in sticky situations.  

Vitamin C baby


Pretty much all the oranges in the US come from the great state of Florida, and we’re thankful. In 2012, Florida produced 70 percent of oranges in the U.S. So, we have all the vitamin C we’ll ever need. Thanks FL.

Disney World


Well, if there’s ever been a reason to move anywhere, this is it. Disney World is the most popular theme park in the world, and we can see why. It is the most magical place on EARTH, and I would know - I’ve been 12 times.

Key lime pie


This iconic dessert was created in Key West, Florida during the 20th century. And now, it has become such an important part of Floridian culture, the pie even has its own festival. Which we dream of attending some day.

Tie Dye


Now, we’re not saying that tie dye originated in Florida… but we are saying that it’s everywhere in the state. And we are so down.

That weather though


You may not love Florida (weird), but you cannot deny that sweet sweet weather. I have never once been there without getting a tan, and I usually go in October. The sun shines ALL THE DAMN TIME.

Old people


There’s a special kind of person that makes the life altering decision to retire and move to Florida. They wear straw hats, drink Martinis and wear colourful shirts all day long. We love them.



Did you know that Miami is the only major American city founded by a woman? In 1875, Julia Tuttle first laid eyes on Miami when her father moved into the area as a homesteader. Tuttle decided to move to Miami herself and bought hundreds of acres of land. YAS HONEY.

And lastly… Howie.

Yep, the icon that is Howie from the Backstreet Boys is a Florida native. My job here is done. Thank you for your time.




As HOCs resident Irish chick, I like to think of myself as exotic. A former New Yorker, turned general nomad (I will literally live anywhere), I love anything to do with style. My love affair with HOC began over a year ago, when I met a fiery red head in a bar, and it has been ongoing ever since. I love big sunglasses, glitter, rap music and anything coconut flavoured. You’ll currently find me working in darling Dublin as a Beauty Editor. -Becca




Picture it - Sunnyside Queens 2009. Two roomies and college buddies share a small apartment, a passion for vintage treasures, and a love of a show about 4 old ladies #livingtheirtruth in Miami. We often joke that we want an old lady friend commune - no doubt inspired by the rad lives of the ladies of SHADY PINES !

We've been channeling #GoldenGirlsSwag since day one - any one of the glittery estate jewels or sassy vintage bags could have come right out of Blanches closet.  

Give us fern wallpaper and rattan - GIVE US SEQUINS. We love it all.


Not only is Golden Girls on fleek - they are some of the first feminist's to come right into our living rooms. These rad ladies showed that women are still worth (insert eyeroll here) something after they are of a certain age. The Golden Girls touched on the fact that you can choose your friend family and no matter your age enjoy sex, have dope hobbies and careers and just be overall fabbbbbbbbb. They were mad woke - touching on themes like gender, LBQT rights and racism wayyyy before these were convos had on the daily. 


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Record Player / / Zoolander

Zoolander is one of the most On Point Fashion Docs of all time.

Here's Some Crucial Life Lessons we Learned from watching this Cinema Classic currently on Netflix

David bowie is a god and needs to have a Daytime Courtroom drama where he doles out Swift & Fierce Walkoffs of Justice.

Attitude is everything, especially when you and your Archenemy are both Rocking Snakeskin.

It's okay to unplug, and wear dope fuzzy sweaters.

Friendtime is Crucial, Seatbelts are Not. 

Sometimes you just need to Let Go and Let Hansel

Life isn't all about how you look, but have a good Selfie Face ready at all times.

Will Ferrel is Creepy as Fvck. 

Until we are graced with this Epic Sequel, Shop Our Zoolander Looks

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Record Player / / Six Best Things about The Girls Finale


Marnie Stops Acting like A Complete Idiot: I get into my Desi Loathing later, but it was really awesome to see Marnie stop being soooooooo laaaame. I love the Ray/Marnie relationship story, even though I really can't figure out why he likes her so would probably be the best thing that ever happened to her personality. Lets hope Desi is gone for good. 

Jessa Dosent at like a Total Bitch the Entire Episode: I get that Jessa has been through some shit, but she was pretty terrible this season. But there was a glimpse of the old wise fun Jessa from long ago when she gets in that bathtub and looks into the vagina of another woman. You always know she's ride or die, and you have to love that about her. 

Shoshana Leans In: So rad that Shoshana takes the Tokyo job. She continues to be one of the most admirable, brave & fashionable characters in the show. Can't wait to see what she's wearing next season in Tokyo & what hilarious catch phrase she will have me obsessed with. 

Someone Finally Called Desi A Douche: Desi is such a Fuckboii. He is the absolute worst type of dude. I've seriously been waiting for this moment since he ride away on his Triumph with an acoustic slung over his chemically distressed leather jacket. The Speech totally solidified Ray as serious imaginary BF material. We need more snarky gentlemen in the world. 

Hannah Says No: We all know that when someone you've loved wants you back, there is definitely that second when it all rushes back to you and its all sunny afternoons and steamy smooching sessions. But when push comes to shove they are your ex for a reason. Never treat someone who treats you like a Monday Morning like a Saturday Night, and don't let Adam come back just because he asked. This is a rare smart Hannah move. 


Six Months Later: To Quote my Girl T Swizzle...'Boys only want Love if its Torture'. Proof that the crazier you act, the more a dude will dig you. I know, it makes zero sense, but I've tested this, and it works. Hannah let this guy see her at her most vulnerable, and thats the most ballsy risky move ever but when it pays off its the best. Hopefully it works out for her with this guy and maybe this is a step in the right direction, maybe not. But thats what Lena does best, slowly reins us in until giving us just enough of what we wanted and just enough surprise to keep us waiting until next year. She can't promise perfection, but she can promise intrigue and whether she meant it or not, that line perfectly sums up this season.

Verdict: Still Hooked

Here's Some HOC Looks that Will Hold You Over Until Next Season

Thanks to our Contributor Ange for this Post!

Angela works as HOC's Marketing Director. When she's not hovering over the Instagram, she enjoys manicures, taking pictures of clouds & getting white girl wasted while watching Bill Murray movies. Currently doing important Mobwife related research at the Jersey Shore.

Follow her Journey Here



Inspiration / / Thrive Causemetics

I super obsessed with faux lashes. It makes my makeup routine so much shorter and gives me a super dramatic resting bitch face. But when I stumbled upon Thrive Causemetics. the bitch face softened when I realized that there is a company like this in the world. For every lash set purchased, one is given to a patient undergoing cancer treatment. Talk about beauty with a purpose, every single woman deserves to feel their most beautiful. 

Check out their website HERE.

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Trending / / That MINI backpack LIFE


To say that the 90's has been on an upward trend lately is, like, totally obvious...duh! We are so jazzed to see the return of the Mini Back Pack (MBP for short). Chanel, Prada & Moschino have rolled them out on the runway and bad bitches are ditching their old crossbody's all over the streets. If you're like us, you've got your life in that bag and any city dweller knows that keeping a bag in the crook of your arm is too much of a hassle (read: crowded subways) The perfect combo of form and function our Repurposed Vintage MBP's are rad and as always they are adorned with a dash of HOC Flair! 

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WCW / / Pink Ladies

On Wednesday's We Wear Pink, and in Honor of Valentine's Day we are bringing you our Fav  Pinkspiration Babes!!!

Daisy Crown Beanie  $32

Daisy Crown Beanie $32

Lady in Pink Jacket  $38

Lady in Pink Jacket $38

Pretty in Pink Sweater  $25

Pretty in Pink Sweater $25

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Guest House / / Working out with marzyhart

Ladies! This is my fave new 10 min work out to throw in the mix and spice things up! Drink lots of water at least 20 minutes before you work out to avoid getting cramps <3


Thanks to our contributor Marzyhart for this post! 

Marzy is an actor, model and writer living in NYC and working hard to bring you watch worthy entertainment. Watch Marzy's Skills on her website WWW.MARZYHART.COM

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Trending / / Egyptian Revival


Theres no question that Cleopatra was the OG Independent Woman. Running Kingdoms and Nabbing Sexy Monarchs on the Reg with Brows on Point.



Portrayed by such Bad Bitches as Elizabeth Taylor and Katy Perry, Queen Cleo would have loved our Vintage Bags adorned with Hand Picked Golden Gems inspired by the Gods (Goddesses) of Egypt. 

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Guest House / / Ange's Winter Beauty Must Have's


Winter is one of my favorite beauty seasons. The cold allows for dramatic lashes, red lips and clothes with sequins. We don't have to worry about frizzy hair or butt sweat. As long as you stay hydrated and cozy, you'll get through this winter looks as amazing as ever!

Surface is a hair care brand I'm totally obsessed with at the moment. All vegan and natural oils help give you super healthy Bad Bitch hair. This thickening cream gives my hair Real Housewives volume, all while actually stimulating cell growth on my scalp to help my hair actually grow thicker! Holy Science!

I don't know whether its just because I'm living in NJ or what, but I've kinda of become a mani bitch. Right now I'm super into the Chanel color Mysterious. Aptly named, the color looks navy sometimes and then other times dark green...and from far away it looks black. What else could you ask for? The mood ring of the best Fall Colors in one polish. And I can't afford anything else Chanel, so theres that. Top it off with a fresh matte top coat and we are good to go. 

So your eyes are not deceiving you, the next product is from that end of the aisle drugstore brand NYC. This is by far the best stain I've come across recently. It has good staying power but isn't so serious that if I get cut off by another enraged Jersey Driver and swerve everywhere while trying to apply, I can still touch up. (this is a real problem in my life btw) And its also $2.99, so buy every color. Right now I can't get enough of Red Ruby, and the Berry stain is also pretty rad.

This product is a total lifesaver. I'm so lazy about washing my hair, its such a time commitment! So I try to make my blowouts last as long as possible. On the days where I'm kind of pushing it and a hat makes me look too much like a misplaced hipster, I use the Brazilian Blowout brand Instant Body Volume Boost powder. Basically the Queen of all dry shampoos, it gives the most volume out of any I've tried. Because, New Jersey. 

Probably my most tried and true product in the list, Zents is only thing I will use on my skin. This brand is from Colorado and all ingredients are grown on an organic family farm. I could do a blog on this brand alone, but for now I wanna highlight the body oil. A mix of Vitamin E, sunflower and jojoba oils, it can be used as a hot hair oil treatment, cuticle treatment, message oil, after sun treatment in the summer and in the winter I mix it with my Zents Body Butter for the most touchable skin in the universe. (im all about multitasking for my money) Don't buy cheap skin care and rub plastic and crap all over your body. Do yourself a favor and indulge, you and your skin are gonna be together for a long time. 

And lets face it, the prettiest girls around, no matter what season, are happy girls. So smile and remember that you're a bad bitch, with great nails, skin and hair to match. 



Thanks to our Contributor Ange for this Post!


Angela works as HOC's Marketing Director & when she's not hovering over the Instagram, she enjoys manicures, taking pictures of clouds and getting white girl wasted while watching Bill Murray movies. Currently doing important Mobwife related research at the Jersey Shore. Follow her Journey Here


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Guest House / / Working Out with Marzyhart

It's really cold and it's only going to get worse. How are you supposed to afford an expensive gym and actually leave your house to get to there? The answer of course is YouTube. Over the last few years I've had gym memberships that went to waste because at the end of the day I would much rather exercise in the comfort of my own home. I'm going to share my two favorite work out ladies with you guys in hopes of helping you maintain a healthy lifestyle and fight the winter blues.

I've been working out with Leslie since I was in High School and I'm still going strong only now instead of DVD's I stream her online. Thank you technology. The exercise is so simple but so effective. Occasionally I get crazy and use 1 pound hand or leg weights to speed up the toning and it works.

My 2nd go to is Tiffany Rothe. Her work outs are much shorter but she recommends doing them 3 times unless you're following her work out plan online. My fave is the 10 minute booty shaking work out but I really love them all. You WILL feel the burn!

Thanks to our contributor Marzyhart for this post! 

Marzy is an actor, model and writer living in NYC and working hard to bring you watch worthy entertainment. Watch Marzy's Skills on her website WWW.MARZYHART.COM



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Inspiration / / A Very Posey Holiday Party


We pretty much wanna show up to every single NYC Holiday Loft Party this year channeling Mary from the 90's Cult Classic Party Girl...aka the Amaze Parker Posey, one of our Fave Babes.

Stockings under shorts combined with chunky heels? YES

Stockings under shorts combined with chunky heels? YES

We Put Together a Party Girl Worthy Outfit Below, Click on the Pics to Shop!


Inspiration / / Pterrance the Pterodactyl

One of the most rewarding parts of our jobs here at House of Correia is when we get to connect with our customers. Since our items are so one a kind, many of our customers pick a piece based on a real personal connection to something about it. Recently, we sold one of our Glamosaurus Bags to a woman and after getting to know a bit about why she bought the Pterodactyl Clutch we just had to share! 

Meet Pterrance the Running Pterodactyl!

We talked to Tara, Pterrances Mom, and had her tell us a bit about his journey. 

Pterrance came about after some of my close friends in a small running group signed up for a Ragnar relay race. Everyone in our core group was going to participate, but I was unable. I thought I needed to send someone in my place, and since my nick name is Terra Dactyl, I found a pterodactyl. Once he arrived at my house, I looked at him and said “yup… Pterrance is his name”. I informed my buddies that Pterrance would be joining them and that was that. About a week later, I was looking at the Pterrance doll and started thinking, wouldn’t it be funny if he went on other races with other group members? Then it dawned on me… why don’t we send this lil guy all over the states and target it to kids similar to the “flat Stanley” deal that is going around! Pterrance can go and participate in races and other physical fitness events and even visit schools.
Pterrance is going on his first race this coming weekend with 3 of my group members, and he is already booked for the next year. We have so many things planned for this little guy from ½ marathons, full marathons, a triathlon in Hawaii, the MS150 and a visit with the “girls on the run” organization next April. We have been writing about his ½ marathon training with my friend Lisa. Pterrance has been posting to Facebook little things regarding running and training in hopes to teach the reader just a little bit more about what it takes to train for such an event. We are still working on crafting Pterrance’s personality, but as it is now, he is a boy pterodactyl approx. age 10 who loves to run, fly and is lactose intolerant. (Read: perfect material for fart jokes)
What we hope to accomplish with this project is to instill the love of running and physical fitness in children. With so many screens in the lives of children these days I want to help wedge just a little bit of time in the day for a kid to go run, play basketball, build a fort, something physical.

If it says anything about how passionate I am about this cause, just last night I had a dream I was walking through a mall and marathon runner Kara Goucher was for some reason standing outside a sporting goods store doing a publicity photo shoot. In the dream I ran up to her and started blabbing all about Pterrance. She replied “I know all about Pterrance and was hoping to meet him”, then she volunteered to have her picture taken with him. Don’t I wish that were true!

So I guess you can say I am already dreaming where this project will go, err fly, or should I say RUN!

What a great story! We would love to hear more stories about our products as they go to their forever homes and start the next phase of their journey. Email us at and share your story for a chance to get on the blog.

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Inspiration / / Empire Records

Who didn't want to work at Empire Records? Liv Tyler playing Corey is Def our WCW. This week we are all about Plaid, Mini Backpacks and Teen Angst. Check out our Fav HOC pieces that Corey would have definitely picked for picked to wear for Rex Manning Day. 

This Blazer is so Corey we can't even handle it.&nbsp;

This Blazer is so Corey we can't even handle it. 

Pair with our Daisy Me Crazy Suspenders&nbsp;

Pair with our Daisy Me Crazy Suspenders 

Russian Red from MAC is the perfect matte red shade for this trend, and ultra flattering on everyone

Russian Red from MAC is the perfect matte red shade for this trend, and ultra flattering on everyone

Liv Tyler is the perfect style inspiration for this look

Liv Tyler is the perfect style inspiration for this look

Hand Studded to Perfection

Hand Studded to Perfection

King of the Jungle Backpack - So Obsessed

King of the Jungle Backpack - So Obsessed

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The Eye has been a symbol throughout history of warding off haters and bringing good fortune. It also looks rad. Check out our Slideshow below of some of Others Inspirational Takes from this trend and some of our own Fav Ways to Wear the Look. 

Shop our own version of the trend HERE with this 

Neon Beanie from our Collab with Pineapple Pixels 

Paired with our  Daisy Love Sunnies

Paired with our Daisy Love Sunnies

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Guest House / / Ange's Deck Party

It's 'Drink Boozy Apple Cider on the Deck' Weather and I couldn't be more excited. As we delve into Fall, I'm putting away my Custom HOC bathing suit and Local Natives Records for some more comforting Autumn Essentialls. 

Check out some of my October Obsessions Below

Thanks to our Contributor Ange for this post!

Angela works as HOC's Marketing Director & when she's not hovering over the Instagram, she enjoys manicures, taking pictures of clouds and getting white girl wasted while watching Bill Murray movies. Currently doing important Mobwife related research at the Jersey Shore. Follow her Journey Here