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Zoolander is one of the most On Point Fashion Docs of all time.

Here's Some Crucial Life Lessons we Learned from watching this Cinema Classic currently on Netflix

David bowie is a god and needs to have a Daytime Courtroom drama where he doles out Swift & Fierce Walkoffs of Justice.

Attitude is everything, especially when you and your Archenemy are both Rocking Snakeskin.

It's okay to unplug, and wear dope fuzzy sweaters.

Friendtime is Crucial, Seatbelts are Not. 

Sometimes you just need to Let Go and Let Hansel

Life isn't all about how you look, but have a good Selfie Face ready at all times.

Will Ferrel is Creepy as Fvck. 

Until we are graced with this Epic Sequel, Shop Our Zoolander Looks