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Meet your man over that good Kush? Incorporate that special moment into your nuptials by calling Buds & Blossoms. If I thought the marijuana & chicken parm combo was amazing, then I'm pretty sure my head exploded at the concept of combining marijuana & flowers. Put this on my list of Wedding Must Have's (along with a husband...ha. ha.) Bud's & Blossoms is Colorodo's First Cannabis Florist for Weddings and Special Events. Like, Mind. BLOWN. I can imagine Waltzing through my wedding as my guests smoke weed picked right out of my center pieces and its the COOLEST WEDDING EVER. Can you see those IG pictures? Can you imagine the joy at the after party when that late night delivery of double cheeseburgers arrives? It's The Wedding of my Little Glam Stoner Dreams. 

But all day dreams aside, it's awesome to see more states lifting the prohibition and seeing creative business' arise in the emerging cannabis industry. <3  

If you're at my level and haven't gotten to the wedding floral stage just yet, shop these rad HOC items to fill the void <3

Zero Red Eye in these Bad Boys. Shop Sunnies  HERE

Zero Red Eye in these Bad Boys. Shop Sunnies HERE

Such a Rad Combo.  Rainbow Lady Beanie &nbsp; $22 ,  The Grey Lady Sweatshirt   $25

Such a Rad Combo. Rainbow Lady Beanie $22, The Grey Lady Sweatshirt $25





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Angela works as HOC's Marketing Director. When she's not hovering over the Instagram, she enjoys manicures, taking pictures of clouds & getting white girl wasted while watching Bill Murray movies. Currently doing important Mobwife related research at the Jersey Shore.

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