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I admit it - sometimes it's hard to resist fast fashion. Sometimes I'm super broke and just really want something shiny and new to lift my spirits and put that pep in my step. It's so incredibly easy (and cheap) to walk into Target or Marshall's for fashionable items that you NEEEEEEDDDDDD to have for this party or that upcoming trip or this week's date night.

The first step is always admitting that there is a problem. Fast fashion retailer's have trained us to accept their 40+ microseasons as the norm. 

more seasons = more profit = more pollution = exploitive labor

Stop the Cycle! Here are some affordable alternatives to boring mass produced goods.




Obviously, we love thrifting here at HOC. While not ideal for EVERYTHING you can find incredible glassware, home goods, jewels and clothing if you take the time to go through the racks at your local thrift store vs the shitshow racks of your local mall's Forever21. There are other perks too - locations like ReStore Habitiat for Humanity give 100% of profits back to the community - AND are a tax write-off. 





Recently I moved into a new apt and have made it a point to not everrrrr buy random throw away art from HomeGoods or similar mass produced junk. I frequently peruse Etsy for the same type of goods - but handmade by a real person pursuing a real dream. I have also posted on social media about finding local artists and the response has been pretty epic. There are probably people in your own 'hood making awesome one of a kind art.



Move over Craigslist. I have been using this FB tool for upcycled furniture - I've gotten some serious treasures from local people/artists in my area for about half of what I would have paid from websites like Wayfair. If you have an idea of what you want and have a little patience, than you can really find something special using this feature. 



Almost every town has some place to find local handmade goods. Thanks to the interwebs its easier than ever to find out about these events. Even if you are buying new retail - buying from a local boutique is infinitely better than buying from a big box. Getting to know your local community and business owners is also pretty rad!



Ok this one is a bit more abstract - but when you find yourself in a store with a bunch of random things you NEED in your cart - talk yourself through each item. 

Do you really need it? Or do you just need the satisfaction of something new.

Do you already have something similar at home?

Can you take what you already have and have it mended or reuse it in a different way?




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