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No one is safe. There you are mindlessly browsing on an online dating app. Left. Left. Left. Then it happens, you swipe right on an okay looking dude with some decent face fuzz and you accidentally awaken a #fuckboy. At first he seems okay, you're really into his aloofness. 'He's a busy guy who's a little standoffish but really nice when you get to know him...' WRONG. Here's some signs you've stumbled upon a #fuckboy. 

1. He's always 'Busy': He's definitely not. if you get this answer more than twice you are most definitely the side chick and he is a #fuckboy.

2. Cultural interests include: Bob Dylan, Bukowski, Say Anything, or any other Historical #fuckboy Figures These rude boys are his ultimate role models. players to the core, he considers their selfish ways a guidebook for life. 

3. He only wants Nudes: So you text him (of course) and somehow someway the convo turns to blow jobs...as usual. yes you want to send him that sexy ass pic, because dayyyumm dat ass gurl. but guess what, its just another for his collection that he will definitely show to his fuckboii fam. don't do it. 


4. He's still into games: hours to text back. stand ups. cancelled plans. all fuckboy standards. block him. unfriend him. he will come back to haunt you, but thats all part of the game. 

5. He Only Like Selfies: he gives zero fucks about that cute brunch you had with your grandmother, he only wants to look at your tits.

#Fuckboys are decent for one night stands or if you are really seriously looking for a friend with benefits...but without the friends part.

Never to Date. EVER. You've been warned. Good Luck!

Thanks to our Contributor Ange for this Post!

Angela works as HOC's Marketing Director. When she's not hovering over the Instagram, she enjoys manicures, taking pictures of clouds & getting white girl wasted while watching Bill Murray movies. Currently doing important Mobwife related research at the Jersey Shore.

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