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Marnie Stops Acting like A Complete Idiot: I get into my Desi Loathing later, but it was really awesome to see Marnie stop being soooooooo laaaame. I love the Ray/Marnie relationship story, even though I really can't figure out why he likes her so much..it would probably be the best thing that ever happened to her personality. Lets hope Desi is gone for good. 

Jessa Dosent at like a Total Bitch the Entire Episode: I get that Jessa has been through some shit, but she was pretty terrible this season. But there was a glimpse of the old wise fun Jessa from long ago when she gets in that bathtub and looks into the vagina of another woman. You always know she's ride or die, and you have to love that about her. 

Shoshana Leans In: So rad that Shoshana takes the Tokyo job. She continues to be one of the most admirable, brave & fashionable characters in the show. Can't wait to see what she's wearing next season in Tokyo & what hilarious catch phrase she will have me obsessed with. 

Someone Finally Called Desi A Douche: Desi is such a Fuckboii. He is the absolute worst type of dude. I've seriously been waiting for this moment since he ride away on his Triumph with an acoustic slung over his chemically distressed leather jacket. The Speech totally solidified Ray as serious imaginary BF material. We need more snarky gentlemen in the world. 

Hannah Says No: We all know that when someone you've loved wants you back, there is definitely that second when it all rushes back to you and its all sunny afternoons and steamy smooching sessions. But when push comes to shove they are your ex for a reason. Never treat someone who treats you like a Monday Morning like a Saturday Night, and don't let Adam come back just because he asked. This is a rare smart Hannah move. 


Six Months Later: To Quote my Girl T Swizzle...'Boys only want Love if its Torture'. Proof that the crazier you act, the more a dude will dig you. I know, it makes zero sense, but I've tested this, and it works. Hannah let this guy see her at her most vulnerable, and thats the most ballsy risky move ever but when it pays off its the best. Hopefully it works out for her with this guy and maybe this is a step in the right direction, maybe not. But thats what Lena does best, slowly reins us in until giving us just enough of what we wanted and just enough surprise to keep us waiting until next year. She can't promise perfection, but she can promise intrigue and whether she meant it or not, that line perfectly sums up this season.

Verdict: Still Hooked

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