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We've been playing Sia's 1000 Forms of Fear on repeat all week. If you're a fan of Bad Bitch Girl Anthems then you'll totally dig it. Sia has been a behind the scenes heavy hitter songwriter for years, writing countless #1 singles like 'Pretty Hurts' for Beyonce and 'Diamonds for Rhianna. She's been releasing solo albums for years, all which are worth a Spotify Streaming Session. The recent single that we've already been silently belting through our headphones on the commute home are there, along with slower more powerful jams like Eye of the Needle and Straight for The Knife paired with Power Ballads not as overdramatic, as say, Adele but just as soulful. Favorites include Fair Game, Elastic Heart & Dressed in Black

You've probably already seen this, because be real, who hasn't, but still worth another watch, 

Great album for ringing in the first few weeks of the New Year and Remembering that you're a Bad Bitch who will Accomplish ALL this Year!!! Have a Listen Below!