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It is my first time at New York fashion week and I am EXCITED, but more tired than anything. The time is 5am, and I need a very large caramel macchiato. 

I arrive at Made of Milk Studios at 7am and the fun begins. As an intern, my main job is to set up before the show. I lay out seating charts and gift bags and all that kind of stuff. Then it is my job to check people in, which is juicy because I have an opportunity to stalk the outfit choices of the invitees. The biggest trend I spotted? FUR BABY! (faux of course, I am an animal lover). Everywhere I looked people were rocking the most amazing fur coats you have ever seen…EVER. The show begins and I don’t get a chance to sneak in and see it. I leave and grab a verrrry speedy lunch before heading to The Lincoln Center.

Arrive at The Lincoln Center at 1.30pm. My god is it the most amazing place. Two different photographers approached me on my way in and ask to photograph me…HELL YES..THIS IS MY MOMENT. I pose for them and admittedly enjoy my 15 seconds of ‘I am officially a Kardashian’. Then I wander into the tents to start the proceedings for the next show. TOME is one of my favorite brands of the moment so I am soooo happy I could work the show.

So it’s about 30 minutes before show time and one of my supervisors comes up to me and says ‘don’t freak out, but Sarah Jessica Parker is coming through backstage any minute. Act natural’. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? NO I WONT ACT NATURAL. WILL I JUMP ON HER AND KISS HER ..WHO KNOWS? Wow. So I stand there and in she comes, SJP, Carrie Bradshaw, GODDESS? I give her a smile; she tousles her hair and exclaims how excited she is. I make awkward eye contact and die inside No photos allows…of course. But my god it was AMAZING. The show was also extremely amazing. 

After the show I head back to the office to prepare for the After Party. Sadly I am working it and not going in to go HAM with the editors of Vogue, maybe next season? I eventually fall into my bed at 12.38am. My first 17-hour work day over, and it was worth every single second. 

It was the most worthwhile experience of my life so far. It amazing how many influential people a person can meet in one day. I am beyond grateful for the opportunity and cant wait for September ☺

 Becca xoxo

Thanks to Our Street Style Contributor Becca for this Post!