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Winter is one of my favorite beauty seasons. The cold allows for dramatic lashes, red lips and clothes with sequins. We don't have to worry about frizzy hair or butt sweat. As long as you stay hydrated and cozy, you'll get through this winter looks as amazing as ever!

Surface is a hair care brand I'm totally obsessed with at the moment. All vegan and natural oils help give you super healthy Bad Bitch hair. This thickening cream gives my hair Real Housewives volume, all while actually stimulating cell growth on my scalp to help my hair actually grow thicker! Holy Science!

I don't know whether its just because I'm living in NJ or what, but I've kinda of become a mani bitch. Right now I'm super into the Chanel color Mysterious. Aptly named, the color looks navy sometimes and then other times dark green...and from far away it looks black. What else could you ask for? The mood ring of the best Fall Colors in one polish. And I can't afford anything else Chanel, so theres that. Top it off with a fresh matte top coat and we are good to go. 

So your eyes are not deceiving you, the next product is from that end of the aisle drugstore brand NYC. This is by far the best stain I've come across recently. It has good staying power but isn't so serious that if I get cut off by another enraged Jersey Driver and swerve everywhere while trying to apply, I can still touch up. (this is a real problem in my life btw) And its also $2.99, so buy every color. Right now I can't get enough of Red Ruby, and the Berry stain is also pretty rad.

This product is a total lifesaver. I'm so lazy about washing my hair, its such a time commitment! So I try to make my blowouts last as long as possible. On the days where I'm kind of pushing it and a hat makes me look too much like a misplaced hipster, I use the Brazilian Blowout brand Instant Body Volume Boost powder. Basically the Queen of all dry shampoos, it gives the most volume out of any I've tried. Because, New Jersey. 

Probably my most tried and true product in the list, Zents is only thing I will use on my skin. This brand is from Colorado and all ingredients are grown on an organic family farm. I could do a blog on this brand alone, but for now I wanna highlight the body oil. A mix of Vitamin E, sunflower and jojoba oils, it can be used as a hot hair oil treatment, cuticle treatment, message oil, after sun treatment in the summer and in the winter I mix it with my Zents Body Butter for the most touchable skin in the universe. (im all about multitasking for my money) Don't buy cheap skin care and rub plastic and crap all over your body. Do yourself a favor and indulge, you and your skin are gonna be together for a long time. 

And lets face it, the prettiest girls around, no matter what season, are happy girls. So smile and remember that you're a bad bitch, with great nails, skin and hair to match. 



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Angela works as HOC's Marketing Director & when she's not hovering over the Instagram, she enjoys manicures, taking pictures of clouds and getting white girl wasted while watching Bill Murray movies. Currently doing important Mobwife related research at the Jersey Shore. Follow her Journey Here