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Such Exciting News Dudes! We are starting a new segment with Miss Marzyhart on our  YouTube Channel (go ahead and click, yep right there.) It's called Chit Chat Chick Chat, featuring your Fav HOC Regulars & Up and Coming NYC Starlets. We sit down to Talk about Pressing Issues like Brunch and Life as an NYC Actor. We also dress them up in the Freshest HOC Gear and take Real Cute Pictures.

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Guest House


For all you occult witchy babes out here I highly recommend The Goreys, starring one of my absolute fav actresses, Mary Kate Wiles. The episodes are short and sweet, and use direct address in a very clever and way.

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Thanks to our contributor Marzyhart for this post! 

Marzy is an actor, model and writer living in NYC and working hard to bring you watch worthy entertainment. Watch Marzy's Skills on her website WWW.MARZYHART.COM