Wearing is caring & Keeping Things Nice

Wearing is caring & Keeping Things Nice

Here’s some tips on how to keep your new bb’s in good shape:

  • In the case or on your face: If you’re not wearing your sunnies they should be kept in their microfiber pouch or hard case. This will protect your lens’ & the delicate hand adornments.

  • Water is not your friend: The metals used in our upcycled costume jewels are vintage - so its usually a mystery what exactly they are made from. They may tarnish, rust or wear when exposed to salt, chlorine or any other liquids (yes that includes booze you wild child!)

  • You only get one lens: Treat them with care! Always use your microfiber case to clean your lenses, other fabrics could cause scratches.

  • Adventure with care: We want our sunnies to go on as many adventures as possible, but remember they are one of a kind! We recommend one of our Vintage Chain Suncatchers so you’re not always tossing them in your bag to get scratched or broken, or even worse, lost!

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